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JEANRICHARD welcomes you to its internet site.
Before using the Site, you must read the general terms and conditions governing the usage of the Site (hereafter referred to as: the "Conditions") attentively and agree to abide by them. Usage of this Site is therefore subject to the Conditions listed below. JEANRICHARD reserves the right to modify these Conditions at any time, by updating the JEANRICHARD legal information section. Any such new Conditions will take effect from the moment they are placed on the Site. We therefore recommend that you read the Conditions regularly.


JEANRICHARD has created this Site for the personal use and information of the users. The material found on the Site may be downloaded or printed exclusively for private, domestic, educational and non-commercial purposes.
However, the user is not authorised to make any changes whatsoever to the Site or its content, nor to reproduce, represent or distribute publicly, display or integrate it into another work for public or commercial purposes. In addition, it is forbidden to use or present the content of the JEANRICHARD Site on another Internet site or in a computer network environment, for any purpose whatsoever. In the event that any of these conditions are breached, JEANRICHARD reserves the right to withdraw authorisation to use the content of the Site and demand the confiscation and destruction of any copies made of the Site's content. Any illicit use of the content of the JEANRICHARD Site may well constitute a violation of the author's copyright, or that of the commercial brands, of the respect for privacy and of the right to advertise, as well as the laws and general regulation texts on communications rights.


JEANRICHARD recognises the importance of protecting data relating to visitors to its Site, and therefore undertakes to safeguard the confidentiality of any personal information provided. JEANRICHARD confirms that it does not gather personal data from users under 18 years of age. Consequently, we recommend that users under 18 years of age seek the assistance of a responsible adult to carry out the necessary procedures on their behalf rather than providing their own personal data.
JEANRICHARD analyses only global data concerning the use of its Site which does not allow individual users to be identified, and therefore does not constitute personal data, with the exception of users' personal data gathered by JEANRICHARD during registration to the Site, at which time clear notification is given and the user's consent requested. With regard to personal data provided spontaneously by users on the Site, especially to obtain a service offered by JEANRICHARD or to transmit or obtain any kind of information whatsoever, JEANRICHARD guarantees the use of such personal data only to enable the provision of the requested service or information. However, you may receive email notification relating to new JEANRICHARD products, as well as new content and events from JEANRICHARD. You may then opt to unsubscribe from the JEANRICHARD Site, and the company will cease sending information or notifications to your email address.
JEANRICHARD has exclusive access to the data provided. Consequently, JEANRICHARD undertakes not to sell, loan or make personal data provided by users to its Site available to any third parties whatsoever, unless a legal deposition or legal authority obliges it to do so. JEANRICHARD undertakes to ensure that its database remains secure at all times. However, although JEANRICHARD takes all necessary precautions to protect the data that you provide, please be aware that it is not possible to fully guarantee data sent via the Internet against access by unauthorised third parties. As a result, JEANRICHARD cannot be held responsible for any security violation not due to negligence on the part of JEANRICHARD. By accessing the JEANRICHARD Site, you consent to the gathering of personal data in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. However, at the user's request, JEANRICHARD undertakes to delete from its database any personal information relating to the user and to remove any record of such information predating this request. In addition, users having submitted personal data may access this data at any time to correct any errors.

Any dispute relating to the protection of personal data will be referred to the competent law courts of the Canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Note to children (under 18 years of age): as indicated above, persons under 18 years of age are not permitted to submit personal data or subscribe to the online services provided by JEANRICHARD, nor are they authorised to request further information from JEANRICHARD. In any such case, JEANRICHARD undertakes to delete this data from its records. Parents may contact JEANRICHARD at any time to find out whether their children have subscribed to any of its services, or to cancel a child's registration and delete the relevant details.


Cookies are used to identify which of the Site's pages are visited most often and to determine the frequency of these visits, in order to make our site more user-friendly and easier to access. For this reason, JEANRICHARD routinely gathers information relating to your IP address, the domain server, the type of computer or browser you are using and the pages you are visiting (including through the use of data tags or similar technology).
Many browsers automatically accept cookies. You may disable or delete cookies in your browser. JEANRICHARD uses session cookies which are saved solely by your browser and disappear when it is closed. Permanent cookies are used when you define your preferences. You can find information specific to your browser under Help in your computer's toolbar. If you decide to disable cookies, JEANRICHARD may no longer be able to ensure the Site functions correctly and you may be asked to register each time you visit the Site. However, if you decide not to disable cookies, you are giving your consent for the personal data contained in the cookies to be gathered and used.


The information available on this Site is published for general purposes only. JEANRICHARD is committed to providing complete and accurate information, however it cannot guarantee that all the information contained on its Site is accurate, exact and complete. In this regard, JEANRICHARD will not be held responsible, if it transpires that any part of this information should contain an error or imprecision.
Any use of the Site is at the risk and peril of the user. JEANRICHARD therefore cannot guarantee that the use of its Site does not pose a risk to third-party rights. JEANRICHARD does not take responsibility in any way for the technical functioning of its Internet site and, under no circumstances, does it guarantee the total absence of viruses or other interfering elements from its Site or from the server or servers providing access to it. If the use of the Site or its contents causes the user damage, necessitating the repair or replacement of any equipment, material or databases, JEANRICHARD will not be held responsible for any such costs incurred.
Under no circumstances whatsoever may JEANRICHARD be held responsible for losses resulting directly or indirectly from the use of information or software available on the Site, including in particular loss of enjoyment, operating loss, loss of profit, loss of data or any incidental damage, regardless of the legal basis cited by the user, and including cases where JEANRICHARD has been previously notified of the possibility of such damage. As certain states and countries do not recognise the exclusion or limitation of liability for damage resulting from such use, the limitation of liability cited above may not apply to all users. Certain jurisdictions do not accept the limitation of liability, consequently the exclusions cited above may not apply to all users.


All communication, information, suggestions, designs, concepts, photographs, comments or other unsolicited content sent by the user to site, by email or other means, shall be regarded by JEANRICHARD as non-confidential information (hereafter referred to as Non-confidential information) and completely exempt from any rights with the exception of personal data enabling the user to be identified.
This Non-confidential information shall then become the property of JEANRICHARD, which shall obtain a free, permanent, irrevocable and non-exclusive licence authorising it to use, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, represent and display this Non-confidential information or integrate it into other works, regardless of the form, technology or medium used, at present or in the future, and to transfer these rights to a third party. JEANRICHARD may also use this Non-confidential information for the purpose of developing, producing and marketing products with no obligation to compensate either yourself or any third party.


Trademarks, logos and service brands (hereafter called the Brands) reproduced on the Site are registered or non-registered brands belonging to SOWIND SA or released to SOWIND SA by third parties. No element of the Site should be considered as an encouragement or invitation to use the Brands published on the JEANRICHARD Site. Such use requires the prior written consent of SOWIND SA or the third-party holders of the Brands. Use of the Brands or any other content displayed on the Site is strictly forbidden, unless for the reproduction of a private copy of the Site's content intended for the user's personal use, as described in the paragraph entitled Using Content from the Site.


All elements published on the Site are subject to the following copyright: Copyright © 2010 JEANRICHARD, a division of SOWIND SA. All rights reserved. These elements are thus protected by copyright, trademark law, or any other intellectual property right. The published elements are the property of SOWIND SA or its subsidiaries, or of any third party to which the right has been transferred. These published elements include in particular photographs, images, illustrations, texts, video and audio clips and designs.


Users of the JEANRICHARD Site will occasionally find links to transfer them, if they wish, to other Internet sites managed by third parties. These links in no way imply a guarantee of such sites on the part of JEANRICHARD. JEANRICHARD cannot be held responsible for the contents or the correctness of the pages of such third party sites mentioned on its own Site. The consultation of third-party websites and pages outside the JEANRICHARD Site is entirely at the risk of the user.


JEANRICHARD reserves the right to terminate, with or without notice, your use of the Site, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that you have seriously infringed these Conditions or acted in a way that is incompatible with them or with the spirit in which they are intended, or violated the rights of JEANRICHARD or a third party, or for any other reason. JEANRICHARD reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt the publication of its Website, with or without serving notice to the users of the Site. JEANRICHARD cannot be held responsible in any way, to you or any third party, for the consequences caused by such a modification, suspension or interruption of the Site. The provisions entitled Protection of personal data and General provisions will remain valid beyond the expiry of these Conditions.


With the creation of this Site, SOWIND SA aims to promote the JEANRICHARD Brand, present its products and provide the added value of its own particular skills and competencies. The content of the Site is not necessarily adapted to or available for use in all countries. Web users visit the Site at their own risk and are asked to comply with applicable laws in their own country. The products marketed by JEANRICHARD are available in many countries. However, the Site may describe certain products whose availability cannot be guaranteed throughout the world. The present Conditions will be governed by, and interpreted in conformity with Swiss law, and any disputes concerning them will be referred exclusively to the competent law courts of the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The renunciation on the part of JEANRICHARD to pursue a violation of one of the provisions of these Conditions does not preclude its right to pursue the violation of another provision.