Spotlight on Maxime Machenaud, scrum half on the JEANRICHARD Rugby Team!


1-   How would you describe your “Philosophy of Life”?

I would cite Sartre to describe my philosophy: "In life, you do not do what you want to do but you are responsible for what you are. "

I believe you need to give as much as you can, love without limits, fight for your convictions.


2-   Is time a luxury for you?

Mastering time is a luxury. Society is challenged by time. Time is stressful, causes anxiety. New technology is partly responsible. It makes us reachable, accessible, visible at all times. It is extremely irritating. You almost feel guilty when you take time for yourself. Luxury is actually all about that: taking time for yourself, for your loved ones, having spare time, going on holiday, not having to rush everything.


3-   Tell us about the longest and shortest minutes of your life?

The longest minute: the last minute of the RACING 92/SARACENS game (1/4 final of the Champions Cup)

The shortest minute: the birth of my son


4-   If you weren’t playing rugby, how would you spend your time?

That's difficult to say. Perhaps I would be a surfer. I would travel the world maybe...

I don't have a precise idea but I can't see myself doing something that wasn't linked to sport.


5-   How do your roots help you move forward?

The most important thing for me is my family. And roots are family.

The love and education I received - the pillars of my life from childhood to the present day - and the family life I have built help me move forward in everyday life and make me question myself when necessary. More than helping me move forward, my roots are my driving force.


6-   Where does your passion come from and how do you pass it on to others?

My parents passed on their passion to me. It wasn't that hard as I think I had a passion for rugby the day I held an oval ball in my hands for the first time.

I pass on this passion by trying to uphold the values of our sport and of sport in general. I am always available to talk to children who ask me questions.


7-   How would you describe your place and role within a team?

I am sometimes criticised in the media for not being a leader. That's perhaps because I'm not much of a big mouth. But what is a leader? The position of scrum half needs you to be a game leader, a strategist. I think that's what I am. I only need to be recognised by my group and my coaches. I always strive to be a good example in terms of discipline and respect.

On a less serious note, the other players like to tease me because I'm a bit cheeky myself.


8-   What’s been your greatest discovery/adventure?

Becoming a father. It's a daily adventure and is a permanent learning curve. Children are fascinating.


9-   Which of the values of JEANRICHARD do you identify with most?

"Living means discovering and exploring, traversing new territories. It means being curious. Having an open mind. Having a thirst for learning and a taste for adventure. Living means constantly taking on new challenges, with your head full of dreams and a JEANRICHARD watch on your wrist. "


10 - What values do you see in yourself?

Learning, being curious, taking on new challenges and never going back.


11 - What causes are you committed to?

I would like to work with a charity that helps children but I don't think I'm currently capable of giving it my all. I will therefore wait until the end of my career to give that precious time to those who need it.

I am however always available to visit rugby training centres for children and talk about training.