Ambassadors & Friends


Whether elite sports players, unconventional artists or heroes of everyday life, the brand's ambassadors are proud to belong to the big JEANRICHARD family and to defend its values in every continent. They are proud to represent the excellence of Swiss watchmaking, combined with an exceptional spirit of mind. The JEANRICHARD watch that they wear on their wrists is not only the finest accompaniment they can have in all their adventures. It is also the emblem of their philosophy of life, of the passionate commitment that leads them constantly to seek new challenges, to follow their dreams to the very end, and to live their lives with a maximum of intensity.

Racing driver Ollie Millroy joins the JEANRICHARD family at full throttle

JEANRICHARD will now partner with the English racing driver and speed enthusiast Ollie Millroy. The Briton will become part of the JEANRICHARD Family circle of Friends of the Brand and Philosophers of Life, who live their life to the fullest, and have the passion for challenges, without being extreme people.

“It is an honor to be selected as a Friend of the Brand JEANRICHARD and to be able to carry the mutual values into the world of international motorsport. As it's a sport that essentially revolves around racing against the clock, it's a perfect arena to promote a modern, stylish watch brand such as JEANRICHARD and I really look forward to wearing my new Aeroscope three hands at my next races in Asia and beyond", said Ollie Millroy.

The partnership between Ollie Millroy and JEANRICHARD is based upon the mutual principles as well as the common Philosophy of Life to experience a new journey every day.

What the Swiss Luxury Watch Manufacturer communicates through its four collections, Ollie Millroy experiences on the racing track. The driver faces challenges of life on a daily basis, by constantly embarking upon ambitious pursuits to excel on the racing track. JEANRICHARD creates timepieces for people just like him – authentic everyday heroes who are aware of every moment in life and live it to the fullest. 


Team spirit. A willingness to make the effort. The pleasure of the game. JEANRICHARD has numerous values in common with rugby. Its "Philosophy of Life" has developed in the same fields marked by passionate enthusiasm, the readiness to take on a challenge and the desire to go one step further each time. This is why the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer actively supports the field of rugby and thrills to the finest exploits on the pitches of the great stadiums of the game. To strengthen its ties with this exceptional rugby world, JEANRICHARD has chosen to enter into a partnership with various respected players of the game so as to create its own "team" to act as its family of ambassadors for rugby. This "squad" consists of seven players from France's famous Top 14 group of clubs: Wesley
Fofana, Brice Dulin, Gaël Fickou, Pascal Papé, François Trinh-Duc, Vincent Clerc and Maxime Machenaud. Developing their careers in clubs all over France and perfectly complementary between themselves since they all play in different positions, these dedicated sportsmen are everyday heroes who accomplish amazing exploits, in the spirit of true JEANRICHARD men.

Straightforward, young and dynamic, these players are the new faces of a "Philosophy of Life" for which the world is a field offering challenges, committed play and a spirit of constant discovery. Also known as the JEANRICHARD spirit.

Nik Wallenda

JEANRICHARD’s partnership with Nik Wallenda is based on the principles of those who embark on a new journey, reflecting the art of life in its collections, as Wallenda does in his daily activities.

In the same way that Wallenda enjoys the challenge of walking on a wire, JEANRICHARD creates watches for those who enjoy authenticity and live their lives to the fullest. They are for the independent spirit who play by their own rules and rather than just focusing on the destination, prefer to enjoy the road being traveled.

“I am very proud to be a part of the JEANRICHARD family and excited to bring my own Philosophy of Life to the mix”, said Wallenda. “Our vision is one that embraces the love of risks and pushing boundaries.”

JEANRICHARD Welcomes Luca Manfe MasterChef Season 4 Winner as Friend of the Brand

Luca Manfe is a quintessential example of a man who embodies the JEANRICHARD “Philosophy of Life.” The Italian chef emigrated into the heart of New York City from Italy in 2005. In his journey to conquer the enormously competitive restaurant industry, Manfe started his career managing restaurants before becoming the first male contestant and previous season returnee to win MasterChef on FOX. 

"JEANRICHARD's Philosophy of Life spoke to me instantly. It's about not thinking twice about what you love to do, and just getting it done. The more I believed in my cooking and playing with incredible ingredients, the more recognition I received from those around me. National television only made it a bigger reality. “ Manfe says.

After a season of heated competitions and demonstrating a knack for harnessing unmatched creativity on the fly, Luca Manfe took home the grand prize from America’s #1 cooking competition series, earning the title of MasterChef and his own cookbook deal.

“Luca will offer a new and stimulating angle to further explore JEANRICHARD’s Philosophy Of Life”, adds Bruno Grande, Managing Director of JEANRICHARD. “We are looking forward to a dynamic partnership and to sharing the common conviction and dedication to exploring new bounds together.”

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer JEANRICHARD is a brand known for telling the stories of ordinary individuals who harbor extraordinary talent and accomplish extraordinary things. In choosing its friends of the brand, JEANRICHARD seeks those who possess and believe in their own skill and confidence under the greatest challenges.  It has become a perspective coined by the brand as “The Philosophy of Life.”