Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Life

In the distance, a horizon of new discoveries. On your wrist, a JEANRICHARD watch. The whole wide world awaits you. The desire to explore it grows with the anticipated pleasure of new encounters, new cultures and new contacts with the world of nature.  A different way of looking at time, another philosophy of life.

Since the only time that counts is the time you allow yourself, the time you win and make your own, JEANRICHARD has made time into a whole art of living. The JEANRICHARD man and woman wish to live their lives to the full, making the most of every moment. They love new discoveries, travelling and exploring. They are open to all that is new, unexpected and surprising. They have a taste for a challenge, and a thirst for the unknown. They wish to live their passions to the full and to make their dreams come true. Adventurers of everyday life, they adore authenticity and are totally uncompromising about both quality and design  They are independent spirits who reject convention and play according to their own rules, going far off the beaten path. These demanding personalities view the world with taste and discernment, seeking authenticity and sensitive to exclusive standards of craftsmanship.

More than a watch, a state of mind

JEANRICHARD watches evoke travel and independence, but also the concept of free time – time that belongs to you and to you alone.  They carry with them the traces of footsteps in the sand, of eyes raised towards the skyscrapers, of the thrilling beauty of a particular place or time. They represent all the fascination of a world to be discovered, appreciated and protected. They embody all the enthusiasm, energy and passion that are aroused by each new challenge. They reflect the spontaneity of an everyday approach that embraces the world and is lived intensely, at ease with oneself and with others.

One universe, four collections

Ready to accompany you in all your adventures, JEANRICHARD watches are available in four collections that pay tribute to the different elements in its universe. Terrascope, Aquascope, Aeroscope and 1681. Land, water, air – and the fire of passion, the passion that for over three centuries has inspired JEANRICHARD and all the refined globetrotters of everyday life.